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Brand new account portal now available

Make booking taxi's for your business even easier with A1 Ace Taxis

We work for several Guardian firms, Accountants, Solicitors, Manufacturers as well as Public Services such as the NHS and Somerset County Council. Due to our range of vehicles, and the size of the fleet we are able to meet the transport requirements of these varied business types.

If you have an account with us, or want to open a web account please complete the registration form below. A web account provides business users with the following benefits.

Instant Booking

Book your journeys direct in to our dispatch software.

High Priority Dispatch

Your booking will be dispatched faster than other active bookings.

Vehicle tracking

Know where your clients and staff are at all times on their journey.

Realtime availability

You'll see realtime updates on our fleet and vehicle availability.

Booking History

Want to check recent trips or download previous invoices, do it all online!

In-Car payments

All vehicles have the facility for in-car payments in neccessary.

Apply for a business account

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