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About Our Drivers

All our drivers are vetted by the local licensing authority. They all have to pass an enhanced DBS check to work as Taxi drivers. The drivers are all Independent Operators who choose to work on our “radio circuit”.

We operate the business in the spirit of a “cooperative”. The self employed independent drivers recognise the importance of providing good service to ensure customers use our services again in the future. We work with them to ensure that we provide the level of service we commit to when we take the bookings on their behalf.

Drivers who work with us understand that their performance supports other drivers on the “radio circuit” and vice versa. They appreciate that a bad experience will lose a customer to the business, where as a good one will create loyalty. As a consequence of this approach they appreciate that if they individually provide bad service they are not adhering to the hirers code of conduct and as such may be refused the right to hire a vehicle and work on the “radio circuit”.